Vesting VOLT

Users will be able to vest their VOLT for up to 4 years duration to get veVOLT NFT.

The number of veVOLT per VOLT vested increases linearly until the maximum period of 4 years. The user gets;

  • 1 veVOLT per VOLT (lock duration of 4 years),

  • 0.75 veVOLT per VOLT (lock duration of 3 years),

  • 0.5 veVOLT per VOLT (lock duration of 2 years),

  • 0.25 veVOLT per VOLT (lock duration of 1 years), and so on.

User can manage the veVOLT NFT to;

  • Increase the lock amount - Higher veVOLT Voting Power

  • Increase the lock duration - Higher veVOLT per VOLT locked

  • Merge multiple NFTs - Easier to attach NFT to staking to receive up to 2.5x boost

Note 1: The lock duration can be extended only once per week

Note 2: When a user extends lock duration, the veVOLT distribution is determined by keeping the start duration of the current lock.

Note 3: When multiple NFTs are merged, the duration of merged NFT is the duration of the longest NFT before merge.

When a user merges NFTs for the first time, the user has to undergo 3 approvals;

  1. Allow the veVOLT for merge

  2. Reset any current veVOLT votes on gauges

  3. Merge veVOLT NFTs

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