How to Add Liquidity
Meter Mainnet and Theta Mainnet
Liquidity Providers are at the heart of Voltswap. Through this walkthrough and FAQ section, we hope to acclimatize you with Liquidity addition on Voltswap. This process is same on both Meter Mainnet and Theta Mainnet.
Step 1
Go to Voltswap.finance website - pool section. (Always use official communications to get the URL and bookmark the URL)
You will get a pop-up to connect your MetaMask. Input your password to connect with the swap. Move to the pool section of the swap and ‘Add Liquidity’
If you are adding liquidity for the first time, you might have to approve one or both of the assets.
Step 2
Once both tokens have been approved to spend on Voltswap, you can supply the liquidity to the pool. The base and quote token you provided liquidity to determine the liquidity pair.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Technically, you can provide liquidity to any pair of 2 tokens. Please review forum.meter.io and https://snapshot.org/#/voltswap.eth to understand the incentivized pairs to add liquidity
Step 3
Once tokens are successfully added to the pool, you will see the information on the pool page.
Technically, you can earn trading fees on Voltswap by merely adding liquidity. However, we offer yield farming incentives to a lot of pools. Let us look at yield farming in the next section.
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