Staking LP tokens into the gauge

To be able to earn weekly VOLT emissions, users will have to stake the LP tokens they received after adding liquidity.

IMPORTANT – Lockers can attach a veVOLT NFT to gauges to receive a boosted reward rate on deployed liquidity.

Attaching a NFT to a gauge will provide a reward boost on deposits in the corresponding liquidity pool.

The reward boost is subject to a variable rate that depends on several factors including;

  • Current price of tokens,

  • Token boosted APR,

  • VOLT locked in your veVOLT,

  • % of TVL using veVOLT, and

  • Total gauge TVL.

When a user stakes LP tokens for the first time, the user has to undergo 2 approvals;

  1. Approve spend of LP Token by Voltswap smart contract

  2. Stake LP tokens in the gauge to earn weekly VOLT emissions

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