Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Page


  • MTRG/BUSD liquidity provided - The current prices of tokens are used to determine the APR


  • VOLT Emission earned - The current price of VOLT is used to determine the APR


The APR range is result of potential boost in VOLT earnings based on the veVOLT NFT attached to the Liquidity. Liquidity providers can boost up to 2.5x their VOLT emission when veVOLT locked by the LP is in same proportion of the liquidity provided by the user in the pool.

In screenshot above:

  • 10% APR (Min APR) - No veVOLT locked on Voltswap

  • 25% APR (Max APR) - veVOLT locked on Voltswap in proportion to the liquidity provided

Note: Liquidity Providers have to lock LP tokens in the gauge to earn VOLT emissions

Read more on rewards boost below;

Vote Page

The APR demonstrated on Vote Page is the Max APR that user could witness on the liquidity Page.

The vote page also highlights the current APR (ongoing epoch week) and expected APR (next epoch week)

In screenshot above:

  • 25% APR (Current) - APR in current week based on liquidity, prices of assets, veVOLT votes

  • 20% APR (Expected) - APR in next week based on changes in liquidity, prices of assets, veVOLT votes

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