Users can claim their rewards (Swap fees, Weekly emissions, Bribes) from the rewards page.

Note: Rewards are an estimation that aren’t exact till the supply → rewardPerToken calculations have run


The calculation of the APR's range is determined by taking the price of the VOLT token and the votes received by the liquidity pool.

For example, if the MTRG-MTR pair has an APR range of 20% ~ 50%, showing the minimum and maximum APR the user can receive.

On the Vote page, Current APR shows the APR the vault is generating in the current epoch, while Expected APR shows a prediction of what the APR will be in the next epoch based on the votes the gauge has received. Both Current and Expected show the max boosted APR.


Lockers can attach a veVOLT NFT to any number of gauges to receive a boosted reward rate on deployed liquidity. Attaching a NFT to a gauge will provide a reward boost on deposits in the corresponding liquidity pool.

The reward boost is subject to a variable rate that depends on several factors including;

  • Current price of tokens

  • Token boosted APR,

  • VOLT locked in your veVOLT,

  • % of TVL using veVOLT, and

  • Total gauge TVL.

Since all the elements mentioned above influence the dynamics of boosting, some gauges will become easier to boost than others. Boosting is calculated according to the following formula:

It is necessary to pay attention to the mechanics of veVOLT NFTs in order to properly utilize the boosting system.

A veVOLT NFT can be attached to any number of gauges, but a gauge can only have one veVOLT NFT attached, so the user gets the most reward boost by concentrating their VOLT into a single veVOLT NFT.

On the other hand having VOLT spread out between more than one NFT could help manage risk when borrowing or lending.

In order to concentrate the power of separate veVOLT NFTs you can merge them together to achieve a higher reward boosting rate.

% of TVL

If a majority of the TVL is farming without veVOLT, a user that uses a veVOLT will receive the maximum reward boost. The difference between minimum and maximum APR will always be 2.5x, but the numbers will vary based on how many other veVOLT is deployed.

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