Meter Mainnet

Step 1

Assess the availability of supported assets on the Network that you want to transfer funds from in We have 0.323 BNB on BSC Network that we want to transfer to Meter Mainnet

Step 2

Access to connect the BSC account to MetaMask

Step 3

Confirm the availability of funds on Meter Network

Step 4

Input information on the passport page. Here we see that using ‘max’ BNB balance gives us an error ‘Insufficient BNB for Bridge fee’. We need to maintain sufficient ‘GAS TOKEN’ quantity to cover the cost of transaction on source chain + cost of Bridge fee. Cost of transaction on Ethereum for e.g. can be very costly ranging upwards of 100 USD

Once sufficient gas token is available to successfully transfer, the error is fixed and the user can initiate the transfer.

NOTE: Users would need to access Centralized Exchanges or use Other Networks to bridge gas tokens in case they do not have it available on the source network

Step 5

While transferring new assets for the first time, always remember that there is an additional transaction to ‘approve’ passport interaction with the asset!

Once the ‘DEPOSIT PENDING’ message changes to ‘Initializing transfer’, it is safe to close the Meter Passport page.

Note: If the transaction is taking longer than usual, confirm if you have already received funds on the destination chain. This is experienced due to UI connectivity or explorer indexing issues on source network

Step 6

Confirm receipt of funds on Meter Mainnet. In addition to the 0.01 BNB transfer, you have received 0.3 MTR as airdrop for initial transactions

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