Voltswap; being a community owned DEX, is ultimately governed by its community, via forum discussions and, when pertinent, voting on proposals held on the Voltswap Snapshot. At this time, any user holding more than 300 Volt can start a proposal. It is binding on the community member to have initiated the proposal discussion on at least 7 days before presenting the proposal on Snapshot. In its current state, all proposals with majority voting are passed. As we grow, we will introduce quorum and support on the votes.

We currently use governance proposals on Pool Incentives, Airdrops, additional development and marketing.

Proposals and Voting

Any member of the community is welcome to post a proposal with more than 300 Volt. However, it is binding to have started a forum discussion at least 7 days in advance.

The threshold and barrier to proposal creation are low at this early stage of the project. As the community participation increases, we plan to introduce additional barriers and safeguards to ensure that community and team time and effort is put to efficient use.

Volt is the voting metric for the snapshot proposals.

We are currently limited to voting on proposals through Volt held in MetaMask wallet with development effort in progress to include volt held in staking pool and liquidity pools. The Volt accounted for voting should be available with the user at the block height when the snapshot is taken.

We will also introduce quorum requirements and support requirements for proposals as we scale.

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