The Layer 2 swap for the People

VoltSwap is the first major DEX in the Meter ecosystem. It is a completely community-driven project and was introduced by the Meter Foundation to showcase the capabilities of the Meter blockchain.

Departing from the earlier Uniswap Model and Geyser V2 yield farming design, Voltswap has now deployed the ve (3,3) model to add more utility to VOLT token and more engaged community governance.

ve (3,3) is a novel design that;

  1. Ensures value accrual for VOLT (focus on fee revenue)

  2. Provides community driven incentive structure based on the highly successful Curve model

  3. Provides a tested and audited code base across multiple deployments and multiple networks (Some of the other deployments with the code base are Solidly - Fantom, Velodrome - Optimism, Dystopia - Polygon)

  4. Enables building an ecosystem around Voltswap - for e.g. yield optimizers

The contract and UI for Voltswap ve (3,3) were forked from Dystopia on Polygon. The contracts are audited. Some adjustments were made to fit the existing VOLT tokenomics. Github for the code base can be found here.

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