Voting Stratgies

There are two Sources of income for voters:

  1. Bribes to a trading pair. The bribes come from all swap fees and anyone who want to incentivize a particular pair by providing bribes to the pool(3rd party bribes have to be added on weekly basis). A voter will have to cast vote before Thursaday UTC 0:00 in order to qualify for next week's bribes. To maximize bribe income, you should give weight to the pool with the highest trading volumes or 3rd party bribes and adjust the weight on weekly basis.

  2. Boost your LP rewards. Liquidity providers receive the weekly emissions on Voltswap. Within each liquidity pool, the distribution is decided by each liquidity provider's weight. The weight is 40% based on the LP balance in the total LP for the pair, 60% by the LP's attached veNFT voting power in the total voting power, but capped at your LP balance (voting helps you to get all the rewards you deserve). To maximize your LP income, you should match your voting power percentage with your LP percentage. For example, if there are 1000LP shares for the MTRG/BUSD pool, you have 100LPs. There are 1M veVolt for the entire Voltswap, you have 200,00 veVolt. Your reward distributions will be based on the following weight:

Weight = 1000*(100/1000)*40% + min((200k/1M), (10/1000))*1000*60%

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