Token Distributions
There are 100M VOLT tokens in total and the tokens are initially allocated in the following manner:
Total Supply
100 M
Total supply of Volt Tokens
Liquidity Mining Incentives
90 M
Year 1 – Max 48 M
Year 2 – Max 24 M
Year 3 – Max 12 M
Year 4 – Max 6 M
Marketing Activities
1 M
As per Need
Airdrops (Future)
5 M
As per Need to expand the community and build awareness
Community Treasury
4 M
Through Governance Proposals - Future Development, Marketing, Security Audits
​At launch, the token emission is designed as the speed of emission halves every 360 days.

Total Volt Emission - Year 1

Even though the total current Volt allocation of Meter Mainnet is 103,148 Volt and Theta Mainnet is 45,000 Volt, not all Volt is actually emitted. This is due to the effect of the multiplier effect explained later.