Token Supply and Emissions

Voltswap has been operational from September 2021 with a Uniswap style DEX and Geyser V2 yield farming.

The Total Supply of VOLT is 100 Million.

Below is the current circulating supply details (as in Jan, 2023);

Liquidity Rewards distributed on Meter, Theta and Moonbeam

42,731,896 VOLT

VOLT in Theta with the potential to be added back to locked supply

8,019,582 VOLT

Effective Initial Circulating Supply

34,712,314 VOLT

*The exact circulating supply can be confirmed once ve (3,3) goes live on Meter and VOLT on theta is exchanged with new DEX token

Weekly Emission

Weekly emission will be proposed through a governance proposal. The Meter Foundation will propose the emission based on the curve tracking the original volt emissions schedule.

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