Token Functions
The VOLT token is the governance token for VoltSwap. VoltSwap is a community-governed DEX where VOLT token holders have the ownership of VoltSwap Governance Process.
Its main function will be governance and staking. It will be mainly distributed as liquidity mining rewards to incentivize liquidity providers in VoltSwap.
As part of governance process, Volt Token holders will be able to submit and vote on proposals for new pair listing, changing parameters of the liquidity mining programs, determine how to use the community treasury and take many more key operational and strategic decisions.
There is a 0.3% fee for every transaction on VoltSwap. Users who provide liquidity to trading pairs on the platform are eligible to receive a percentage of trading fees in proportion to their liquidity pool stake.
Below is the breakdown of distribution of fees earned through VoltSwap transactions;
Fee Distribution
Payment Mode
Liquidity Providers (LPs)
Liquidity Provider fees are accumulated in the LP tokens held by the LPs and can be claimed as part of token balance while withdrawing Liquidity from the Pool
Single Asset Volt Staking
Currently, all of 0.05% fees are distributed to the Volt Staking Pool. The single asset staking pool is replenished weekly. Users staking Volt receive the rewards in proportion to their percentage in staking pool and time staked.
VoltSwap Community Treasury
Currently, no Volt fees are distributed to the community treasury
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