How to Yield Farm
Step 1
Confirm the availability of LP tokens on the pool page
Step 2
Go to the farm view and choose the liquidity pool for which you have added liquidity
Step 3
Farm view of the Voltswap is a separate application. Ensure that your MetaMask is connected to the farm.voltswap.finance
URL https://farm.voltswap.finance/?farm=MTRG-VOLT will display a ‘loading’ page if your MetaMask is not connected to the website
If the site is not connected, manually connect the site.
If the site is connected but you are still seeing the 'loading' page issue, try clearing your browser cache and refresh the farm app
Step 4
Confirm your available balance of LP tokens and initiate staking process
Account signature to create a universal vault for locking the LP Tokens
Approval to provide access to your LP Tokens to the farm app
Approval to lock the LP tokens into the universal vault created for the user
Step 5
Confirm that your LPs have been successfully staked in farm and Vault views
You are now farming your LP tokens for 'VOLT'
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