How to Swap Assets
Meter Mainnet and Theta Mainnet
Welcome to core feature of the Voltswap DEX. We hope this walkthrough and FAQ will help you through this experience seamlessly on both Meter Mainnet and Theta Mainnet
Step 1
Confirm the funds available in the wallet. If you only have 0.3 MTR airdropped on bridge transfer, ensure that you swap some of your assets to get additional 1-2 MTR
Step 2
Go to Voltswap.finance website (Always use official communications to get the URL and bookmark the URL). You will get a pop-up to connect your MetaMask. Input your password to connect with the swap
Step 3
Provide all relevant information as mentioned below.
If you are swapping the 'input token' for the first time, you will need an additional transaction to 'allow Voltswap' to access the asset from your account. Subsequent swaps of the asset do not need this approval again.
Approve the asset spend and confirm the swap.
Keep an eye on 'Price Impact' and 'Slippage ratio'.
Great! Now we have swapped the assets successfully.
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