How to Unstake Farm
Step 1
Visit farm.voltswap.finance to the farm view of the pair where you have staked LP tokens.
We had stake LP tokens to the MTRG-VOLT farm
Step 2
Choose the option to Unstake the locked LP Tokens added for the pool
Step 3
The unstaking process requires multiple transactions which are as below;
Signing in to your universal vault to access the LP tokens
Interacting with the smart contract to unlock your LP tokens
Transferring your LP tokens from the universal vault to your wallet
Transferring your Volt rewards from the vault to your wallet
Step 4
Once, all withdrawal process is complete, you can confirm that your LP tokens are unlocked from the universal vault and available in your wallet. This means that you can now remove your liquidity and burn your LP tokens
You have now successfully unstaked your LP Tokens from the yield farming program
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